Aethne tir'Ahlein

Viridian Loremaster servant of Thoth


Aethne tir’Ahlein

LN Human Loremaster (lvl 3)

DEX 13
CON 15
INT* 18
WIS* 16
CHA* 14
HP 13, AC 16 (w/ leather armor)

Phaelon’s class

Level HD BtH EXP Abilities
1 1d8 0 0 Scent, Listen, Familiar INT (+ 6), Familiar Language
2 + 2 1 2251
3 1d8 + 2 1 5001 Protector
4 + 2 2 9001 Shared Healing
5 1d8 + 2 2 18001
6 + 2 3 35001 Search (Wis)
7 1d8 + 2 3 70001
8 + 2 4 140001 Deliver Touch Attacks
9 1d8 + 2 4 300001 Track (Wis)
10 + 2 5 425001
11 1d8 + 2 5 650001
12 + 2 6 900001 (two more abilities)


Aethne tir’Ahlein is the third (surviving) son of Sheon tir’Ahlein and Vidioun tiu’Shelass. The Ahlein family is ensconced in the ranks of minor Veridian nobility, and Sheon retains an ancestral estate in Veridistan. Since Sheon has sought political favor, the family’s holdings and influence have grown considerably, though not without cost. Aethne has lost six brothers in the last three years, and Vidioun’s unsavory brother Seramis has bought the titles of most of the family’s slaves.

As a middle child of a large noble family, Aethne used his scholastic aptitude to carve a niche for himself. He caught the attention of the esteemed infernal scholar Voshd Vannar, who introduced him to the worship of Thoth in his aspect as Thiroth Magnar-Essiroth (Opener of Gates and Bringer of Light). His father was furious when Aethne pledged himself to Thoth above Armadad Bog. Aethne has since repaired his relationship with his father, but theirs remains a cool and distant relationship. Aethne threw himself into his studies, and advancement in the cult of Thoth/ Thiroth, both out of genuine curiosity and a desire to escape the deadly gravity of his father’s politicking.

As a Viridian of rank, Aethne wears a mask or veil at all times. While traveling abroad, he respects local customs as much as he deems reasonable, though he recognizes that covering himself will likely attract less unfavorable attention than his green skin would attract. He keeps most of his ceremonial masks and clothing in his quarters in Edominar.

Aethne and sees the ill-understood phenomena of Emrival Peninsula as a great research opportunity. He has read enough treatises on the Peninsula to realize just how little most scholars know about the region. At the very least, his field work should prove interesting, and it may very well garner him wealth and renown.

Rescued former household slaves:

  • Dalthaine (male Alryan): lame tailor, embroiderer, painter (13)
  • K’rattath (male lizard man): escort, dance instructor, guard (16) 120gp
  • Hollie Kinderbrath (female halfling): chef, storyteller, nursemaid (53) 100gp
  • Gueril Brightthistle (male gnome): archivist, tinker (55) 150gp
  • Therivan Ain (male Tharbrian): gardener, groundskeeper, woodsman (25) 180gp

Aethne’s offices in Edominar: the Black Ibis Scriptorium

Dalthaine accompanied Aethne in his initial journey to Edominar, and cultivated business contacts while his master traveled. He began dealing in inks, stationery, and writing supplies. With the arrival of K’rattath, Hollie, Gueril, and Therivan, Dalthaine expanded the office’s business to include scribe services and some tutoring. The business has begun to turn a profit, and Dalthain has schemes to involve all of the household in the enterprise’s profits. K’rattath’s striking appearance and exotic dances attract passers-by and provide a modicum of security. Therivan has beautified the grounds, and has begun growing some herbs not native to the region. Gueril is crucial to expanding the business, acting as author, copyist, and editor for hire. Hollie, who dreams of offering foods seasoned from Therivan’s garden, has taken a few students under her wing, telling them stories and teaching them to read and write.

Aethne tir'Ahlein

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