Emrivian Rogue


Level 4

Strength 15 +1 paralysis and constriction
Dexterity 18 +3 breath weapon and traps
Constitution (prime) 16 +2 disease, energy drain and poison
Intelligence 16 +2 arcane magic and illusion
Wisdom 15 +1 divine magic, confusion, gaze attack, polymorph & petrification
Charisma 15 +1 death attack, charm and fear

Hit Points 28
Armor Class 15
Initiative +5
Melee Attack +2
Ranged Attack +4

Rosewood +1 H/P
Thorn +2 P
Throwing Daggers


Annora is vain and self serving, she means well but when it comes down to it she values her own comfort more than anything else. Five foot tall and slightly stocky with dark copper hair and green eyes. As per her vanity, she dresses in fashionable but sturdy clothing that can both look great and withstand adventuring. Annora’s Goals (in no particular order); to be the subject of many favorable ballads and stories, en-mass a considerable fortune, collect a number of followers/retainers, to be all that AND a bag of chips.


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