Danika Figginsdottir Keeg

Dwarven Mechanic-Mage


Danika Figginsdottir Keeg kin Bogensbaad

STR 10
DEX* 14
CON 14
INT* 18
WIS 10

HP: 12, AC: 14

Mechanic (Aracane) lvl 3



Figgin Thaknirssen Keeg immigrated to the Emrival Peninsula with his wife almost fifty years ago years ago, after the war between the City State and Viridistan, to repay Sir Emet Volgen for saving his life in the Battle of Swarthlad Plain. After the war, Sir Volgen used his commission to settle in Edominar and start a family. Figgin and his wife Dessik traveled with him, and Dessik gave birth to Danika a few years after their arrival. With Figgin’s skills at his disposal, Sir Volgen prospered, and soon the Keegs had a fine smithy on the estate grounds.

While Danika was a small child, tragedy struck the family. Dessik disappeared one evening, and guards found a gate unlocked. Her body was never found. After an extensive search, she was presumed dead. While Danika has many unanswered questions, Figgin refuses to talk of it.

Danika grew up at her father’s side, learning blacksmithing and engineering. She was a quick study, and Figgin spared no expense on her education. Figgin was familiar with the basics of mechanical enchantment, and when he recognized his daughter’s arcane talents, he arranged for their cousin Fekkir to tutor her in the Mechanical arts. Fekkir stayed on the estate for five years to complete Danika’s education. Just recently he declared her apprenticeship complete, and he returned to Thunderhold.

Figgin remains among Sir Volgen’s closest confidantes, tempering the human’s evanescent moods with solid dwarven sense. Figgin gave the Volgen children a strong foundation in logic, warcraft, and engineering. While Lady Volgen had mixed feelings about the effect Figgin’s lessons had on her impressionable daughter, she knew better than to step between her husband and his oldest friend and ally.

Having completed her education, Danika feels it is time to explore the world a little, and find her place in it. As much as she craves adventure outside the rural expanse of the Volgen estate, she could never leave her father without dwarven company for long. Though Sir Volgen has grown quite old, Figgin is still in the prime of his life, and he keeps himself occupied with engineering and smithing projects for select clients in and around Edominar. Danika spends most of her time helping her father in the shop.

Danika is more studious than sociable. Though she has made a few acquaintances in town, they are mostly through her father’s business. She has met only a handful of dwarves, and sometimes wonders what it would be like to live in a whole city of her kin.

On Sir Emet Volgen

Sir Volgen is still alive at 68 years old. Rellaine, his wife, is 52. His estate will be inherited by his first son, Roald. Volgen has 3 children Roald (32) Laura (21) and Fenner (16)

The Volgen estate is 2 miles outside of Edominar, up the Edom River. It has a large keep, several small dwellings, Figgins smithy, and a stable inside a modest 10’ wall. The wall has 6 18’ towers and walkways along the top of the wall. Outside the wall are various out-buildings, cattle and 160 acres of crop fields, largely flax, barley, and wheat. The keep, smithy and its wall are built of stone, the dwellings and stable are cordwood masonry. All of the buildings have cedar shingle roofs.

Danika Figginsdottir Keeg

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