The primary religion of the First Men, an ancient and — despite their name — distinctly non-human race. The Kutrilogy consists of Kutalagon the Infinite which is worshiped as a neutral dragon god by the dragon race, Kutalabold the Source which is worshiped by the Fairies as an evil male humanoid god, and Kutienna the Fertile worshiped by the First Men as the goddess of everything wholesome and good.

Known as the Cult of Kut by citizens of the City State and most Wilderlands inhabitants.


Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, Strength
Symbol: A meteor encircled by clouds
Typical Worshipers: Dragons, great wurms, dragon cultists
Favored Weapon: Dagger

Neutral dragon-god worshipped by dragons, great wurms and dragonettes.


Alignment: Neutral evil
Domains: Destruction, Trickery, Travel
Symbol: A dancing humanoid composed of fog
Typical Worshipers: Fey creatures, evil pixies, quicklings
Favored Weapon: Dagger

Evil Fey-god worshipped by most fairies, pixies, brownies and many gnomes.

Kutienna, the Earth Mother

Alignment: Lawful good
Domains: Knowledge, Protection, Strength
Symbol: A pegasus
Typical Worshipers: First men, wives
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Depicted as a pregnant or a radiant female worshiped by Pegasi, First Men females, cavemen and some elves.


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