Prime Stats
Class abilities will be used as though their relevant stat was prime, even if it is not.

Spell Casting
Casters do not have to memorize spells. All casters have a spell book or some way of recording spells. Of the spells recorded, the spell caster can instantly remember a number of spells equal to their relevant stat.(Int for Wizards and so forth) Half of the relevant stat is the number of recallable spells, usable if the player makes a check on his relevant stat.

Combat stuff
All classes except wizard, illusionist, druid and cleric may fight with a main weapon and a dagger or shield with a -2 to both.

Clerics and druids may do so with a shield only.

When in combat, everyone gets 2 actions and a move each round. If you fight with two weapons or a weapon and a shield, you get three.

SO, you can:

  1. attack and parry
  2. attack and attack
  3. parry and parry

Parry: When you decide to parry, a dagger or shield will give you a +2 if you are fighting with another weapon or just the shield. Parrying is an attempt to beat the attackers roll.

BTH + dex mod + dagger/shield bonus + misc = parry attempt

If you use your shield to parry, it doesn’t work towards AC. You can choose to attack with your dagger or shield, but then may not parry that round or apply your shield to AC and have a -2 to hit with both hands. Fighting two handed always gives your main weapon and second weapon a -2, unless you take the feat two weapon fighting.

Defend: If a combatant does nothing but defend, she gets a +6 to ac vs’ up to 3 enemies. all other attacks are vs’ normal AC.

If a shield is not used to parry or attack, it then applies to AC.

Class Alterations
defense bonus
Multi-Class and Dual-Class
Mental Combat
PC Death
Races present


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