Dragonwhite Castle

In 4590, Gosya Bice negotiated with the authorities for the abillity to build a keep for his mercenary company to call home. The agreement included a contract for food and supplies from Billingsdoor, (at fair market price) and that there would never be more than 8 members of the company in Billingsdoor at any time. This agreement has been the underpinnings of a long, peaceful coexistence.

Small Keep with a small hamlet near by. Keep built of stone and timber, town mostly of cordwood.

Mostly Tharbrian, 316

30 men at arms fighter 1-3, 24 longbowmen fighter 1-3, 5 rangers 2-4

Notable People:
Tosya (toz-ya) the Dragon 10th Biceyan Lord of the Keep (tharbrian), Ivar the Jaguar Captain of the Bice Company (tharbrian), Akbar Kamil housecarl to the keep (Ginorian), Petrigai Assistant to Akbar

Resources: Mercenary Company

Current Events
unknown, the Lord of the keep was not hospitable to us. All information was gathered from anonymous townsfolk from Billingsdoor.

Map Location:

Dragonwhite Castle

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