Ambiance: Woodsy and rugged. The entire town is dedicated to the fur trade and all its supporting trades. The government is unusual on the peninsula in that the power is held by a hereditary office (Chieftain). Also, there is a Magistrate from Edominar that makes sure the Chieftain is aware of current Edominar law.
Population: 640 (Altainian 74%,Half-elf 23%, Elf 3%)
Forces: 160 woodsmen, rangers and archers.

Notable People

  • Bodhan Greywraith: Cheiftain lvl 4 Barbarian,
  • Luhran: 7th lvl ranger and captian of the guard.
  • Gregan Mortornen: Expert Altainian weapon smith 4th lvl fighter
  • Rhudoen Gladhammer: 5th lvl cleric of Bondorr.
  • Gulshadt: 8th lvl druid

Notable Places:

  • The Great Hall: meeting hall and common shelter (food and drink can be bought outside until late into the evening)
  • Fur Market: Extremely busy, good place to gather info.
  • Arabella’s Grove: ancient Dunael megalithic shrine, where Gulshadt worships.

Current Events

Recent Graem Ghul cultist activity detected, excised. Peace established between villagers and druid.


Fur and some timber

Map Location


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