Ambiance: Quaint, peaceful. All the buildings (unlike the cordwood construction of Edominar and many other Emrivian communities) are made of the local dark grey to brown granite. Most of the buildings are built of rubble from buildings of a former age bit some newer buildings are made of newly cut stone namely several Academy buildings and the Magistrates offices and home.

Population: 1468 mostly human with the occasional Elf, Dwarf, and hobbit.

Forces:120 able bodied men, 80 pikes and 40 archers. Lead by Bellinius Bronzelance an Elven knight from The Southern Reaches.

Notable People:

  • Arlen- Priest of Mitra lvl 5, and the Keeper of records.
  • Friar Barn- Wandering cleric lvl 3, unaffiliated. Currently assisting Arlen.
  • Kurgo- Innkeeper and extremely useful person. lvl 5 fighter, lvl 3 rogue
  • Enekoitz (Aneek-wats) Solomon- Antillian Dean of Liavona Academy lvl 8 sage
  • Reeny Frempsthisle- New Magistrate. Mild mannered, capable and fair. Formerly served as a peoples representative and local constable in Edominar.

Notable Places:

Current Events:

Resources: Art and exceptional objects.
Factoids and Curiosities: Hotbed of Grem-Guhl activity, currently quelled.


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