History: 123 years ago, Yoickshire was founded by approximately one third of the inmates from Black Rock Penitentiary.(see Records Of The Inquisitors Corp entry on Blackrock Pen.)

The man who lead the rag tag contingent was Nobert Yoick. His history before Yoickshire is unknown but due to his leadership the docks at Yoickshire are the best on the peninsula and the road from Yoickshire to Edominar is well used. Also, Yoick’s Corp of Civil Engineers (of which there are 3 divisions) are based out of Yoickshire. YCCE took a 200 year old (perhaps much older) trail and remnants and created a solid, dependable route that connects all the communities of the peninsula.

Regrettably Yoickshire never lost the criminal element of its settlers. It is said that a organized crime syndicate operates out of the town, but this is not a major concern for the Inquisitors Corp and will not be detailed here.

Nobert Yoick died in 4586 with no kin or offspring. Leadership has been weak to say the least and Yoickshire has become a den of criminals, ner-do-wells and perverts.

Despite the fact that its inhabitants are questionable the commerce that the docks bring to the small city do all that is required to sustain it. Merchants from all around appreciate the well organized AND loosely regulated dock. Slip fees are cheap and questions are few. Whats more is even though the locals (largely dock workers, laborers, sailors, teamsters, carpenters, and other unrefined trades) are depraved, they know where their bread is buttered so the docks are kept reasonably safe.

Local law enforcement (Edominar Navy and Marines) focuses wholly on the docks and the merchants. What occurs in town between locals is largely ignored. Only a major disturbance will lure Troops from the Naval ships most often being Gordon’s 1st Marine Brigade. Leadership roles are largely fluid changing with the tide of commerce and who has the biggest mercenary force.

Ambiance: The docks are clean and well kept. Operations are orderly. The town is a totally different experience. Lawlessness is the rule. The town is made up of ramshackle dwellings, businesses and well appointed inns with little organisation. In contrast with the chaotic nature of the buildings, the streets are clearly layed out by grid system, a remnant of Norbert Yoick.

Population: 2500 (human 89%, half-elf 7%, other 4%)

Forces: Half of Edominars Navy is docked in Yoickport (7 ships, 150 men) and an additional 10-15 ships can be conscripted. 30-400 mercenaries, depending on conditions and pay. Most inns, brothels and bigger businesses have a security force. Yoicks regiment is still stationed here and amount to 3 divisions of 20 men who maintain the Highway. All the divisions are out until the end of Reap.

Notable People:

  • Trevor Gordon: 6th lvl knight and Captain of Yoick’s Wrath and Gordon’s 1st Marine Brigade. Born and raised in Yoickshire
  • Gemmish Lort: Dockmaster 7th lvl Mage. Has 20 deputies (lvl 3-4 fighters)who help maintain order on the dock. The Naval officers back Lort as a rule.

Merchants in town

  • Dewore Gurbet (antillian) textiles
  • Gregor the Blue, furniture from Larkshire
  • Dennik Skruggs honey and spices
  • Henroe “Hardtack” Budrow, raw materials. Leather, metal, charcoal Thinks he has found a way to forge with peat.
  • Embra Redmoon (Dunael/antillian), herbs,spell components dried plants
  • Anderi Nighmineder Antiquities and curiosities. Works on a commission basis only. Could have work for a group like you.

Notable Places:

  • Yoick Cairns: The final resting place for Yoick and all members of the regiment since its inception. 128 Marines have been laid to rest here.
  • Yoickport: The second largest port on Emrival.

Current Events:


  • Port, fishing, large Market, information from abroad
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